CompactLogix/ControlLogix PLC Peer-to-Peer

EtherNet IP Gateway

Siemens S7 PLC EtherNet/IPTM CIP Connected Message Class 3
Function Blocks for CompactLogix/ControlLogix PLC Peer-to-Peer Communication

Sigma has developed Function Blocks for the current Siemens S7 PLC range of controller to allow the S7 PLC’s to natively communicate with EtherNet/IPTM protocol. The Function Blocks utilise the S7 PLC compatible CPU’s integrated Ethernet port or a dedicated Siemens Communications Processor module.


There are just three simple steps to achieve communications,

  • Create a TCP Connection to the Rockwell ControlLogix PLC

  • Prepare the Data Table Read or Data Table Write Functions as desired

  • Call the Sigma S7 EtherNet/IPTM Co-ordinator Function Block in the user program

The only requirement to read existing tags in the Rockwell ControlLogix PLC is to know its IP Address, the slot number of the CPU and the names of the Global Tags you would like to read and write. No further programming is required as the S7 PLC becomes a native EtherNet/IPTM communicator with the Sigma S7 EtherNet/IPTM driver.

ODVA is an international trade and standards development organization whose 300+ corporate members comprise the world’s leading suppliers of products and systems for industrial automation applications. The common interest of ODVA’s Members is the development and promotion of open and interoperable information and communication technologies for these applications. Sigma is a Licensed Vendor and Member of ODVA.

Siemens S7 PLC systems are products developed and distributed by Siemens AG Germany. ControlLogix PLC systems are products developed and distributed by Rockwell Automation USA.

S7 EtherNet/IPTM Peer-to-Peer

The incompatibility of the major automation vendors with each other is a reality despite all claiming to utilise open systems standards. This integration issue is not easily addressed in a manufacturing environment. So often the adopted “solution” is to use a third party Gateway device, which typically requires a separate configuration, in some cases engineering in both PLC controllers and installation of an external 24V DC supply. Other considerations include the expense of additional Ethernet cabling to the gateway, Operations switch port availability/configuration and the IT Department approvals to introduce a new device on the control network. On top of this,  the gateway unit is usually limited in data capacity or  interoperability. The production of gateway electronics creates production waste as well as End of Life waste. 

S7 EtherNet/IP Driver - No Gateway or Protocol Conveter required


  • Read/Write Global Tags in ControlLogix PLC including arrays

  • Supported data types include BOOL, SINT/BYTE, INT, DINT, DWORD, REAL and Arrays.  (LINT - S7 1500 only)

  • Connect to each ControlLogix PLC Controller via a unique TCP connection and S7 EtherNet/IPTM Co-ordinator Function Block call

  • Each S7 EtherNet/IPTM Co-ordinator Function Block call supports 10 requests of up to 65534 bytes of data whether its read or written to a ControlLogix PLC Controller

  • The S7 EtherNet/IPTM Co-ordinator Function Block provides a maximum of 10 message requests


Demo & Licencing

The full version of the Sigma S7 EtherNet/IPTM functions are licenced for use in a single compatible Siemens S7 CPU and the licence is not transferrable to another CPU. The runtime of the Sigma S7 EtherNet/IPTM function is limited to seventy two hours operation when unlicenced. This limited unlicenced runtime allows developers to create the communication strategy and test in a non-production environment. The software must be licenced for it to operate past the seventy two hour demonstration/replacement licence mode. Demonstration Mode not supported on S7-1200.

Once the Sigma S7 EtherNet/IPTM communication function is downloaded into the actual production S7 CPU, the SID code (System Identification) on the Sigma S7 EtherNet/IPTM Co-ordinator Function Block will be generated by the PLC. This code needs to be provided to Sigma along with your proof of purchase Tax Invoice where we will provide you with a License code to be entered in the Licensing Data Block for the Sigma S7 EtherNet/IPTM Coordinator Function Block executing in the actual production S7 CPU.

Please note you are purchasing a runtime only licence of the Sigma S7 EtherNet/IPTM communication Function Blocks, which is linked permanently to the initially nominated S7 CPU, the licence is not transferrable to another CPU.

Sigma S7 EtherNet/IPTM is possible for S7 300, S7400, S7 1200 & S7 1500 controllers.



Video - Setting up a connection to a ControlLogix PLC

S7-1500 CP Setup new communication to ControlLogix PLC

S7-300 CP Setup new communication to ControlLogix PLC

Siemens EtherNet/IP Function Blocks