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ControlLogix &
Siemens S7 GET S7 PUT  
Add-On Instructions

Read & Write Siemens S7 PLC data
directly from ControlLogix & CompactLogix PLC's



Rockwell ControlLogix & CompactLogix PLC Add-On Instructions to communicate with Siemens S7 PLC's utilising S7 Connection methods.

Sigma has developed Add-On Instructions for the Rockwell Automation PLC range of controllers to allow the Rockwell PLC’s to natively communicate with S7 PLC controllers via Ethernet. The Add-On Instructions communicates to S7 PLC CPU’s integrated Ethernet port or a dedicated Siemens Communications Processor module.

Rockwell to Siemens Controller Communication

There are just three simple steps to achieve communications,

  • Import the AOI's and prepare the Controller tags for the CLX S7 GET Add-On Instruction for Reading data and CLX S7 PUT Add-On Instruction for Writing data

  • Insert the Sigma S7 GET  & S7 PUT AOI's and declare messages and assign what is to be read/written from/to the S7 CPU

  • Download the modified program to the ControlLogix PLC

The only requirement to read existing registers in the Siemens S7 PLC is to know its IP Address, the slot number of the CPU and the addresses you would like to read and write. No programming is required in the S7 PLC.

Your existing CompactLogix or ControlLogix PLC Ethernet module must support Socket Services for the Sigma AOI's to function. The AOI is only supported on the nominated Controllers in Studio 5000 V32.04 onwards.

A demonstration mode allows the AOIs to execute for 24 hours.

S7 GET S7 PUT Add-On Instructions

To maintain competitiveness and open up detailed business insights, the need to communicate effectively across the entire manufacturing cell and beyond is paramount in the age of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things). Big Data and analytics drive higher product quality, reduce waste and creates production flexibility whist lowering costs, the interoperability between the major automation vendors equipment via Ethernet is mandatory. Sigma introduces the possibility to exchange data from Rockwell ControlLogix & CompactLogix PLC’s to Siemens S7 PLC’s via Ethernet.

Connect siloed data with Sigma’s ControlLogix S7 Add-On Instructions. It makes no sense to use a hardware Gateway.

The incompatibility of the major automation vendors with each other is a reality despite them all claiming to utilise open systems standards. This integration issue is not easily addressed in a manufacturing environment. So often the adopted “solution” is to use a third-party hardware-based Gateway device, which typically requires a separate configuration, engineering in both PLC controllers and installation of external 24V DC supplies. Other considerations include the expense of additional Ethernet cabling to the gateway, Operations switch port availability/configuration and the IT Department approvals to introduce a new device on the control network. On top of this, the purchasing experience is typically frustrating and the gateway unit is usually limited in data capacity or operability.

Sigma provides a PLC integrated software solution to easily allow a Rockwell ControlLogix PLC to communicate to a Siemens S7 PLC via Ethernet utilising the PLC systems existing Ethernet modules. No additional hardware is required and no additional communication programming is required in the Siemens S7 PLC. Request or write Siemens S7 PLC addresses directly from the ControlLogix or CompactLogix PLC program.

Your existing ControlLogix or CompactLogix PLC Ethernet port must support Socket Services for the Sigma AOI's to function. You must be using Studio 5000 V32.04 or greater.

  • Read/Write PLC Addresses in Siemens S7 PLC

    • S7-300

    • S7-400

    • S7-1200

    • S7-1500

  • Supported S7 memory areas,

    • Inputs (I)

    • Outputs (Q)

    • Flags (M)

    • Data Blocks (DB)

  • Connect to each Siemens S7 PLC Controller via a unique TCP connection and ControlLogix S7 GET or S7 PUT AOI call

  • Each ControlLogix S7 GET or S7 PUT AOI call supports the following typical data from/to the Siemens S7 PLC Controller

    • S7-300 (CP)                     GET 160 Bytes           PUT 160 Bytes

    • S7-300 (CPU Port)          GET 222 Bytes           PUT 212 Bytes

    • S7-400                             GET 462 Bytes           PUT 452 Bytes

    • S7-1200                           GET 160 Bytes           PUT 160 Bytes

    • S7-1500                           GET 942 Bytes           PUT 932 Bytes


Confirm with your PLC Vendor for your specific CPU type as performance is varied. The Sigma Rockwell S7 GET & S7 PUT AOI's are only available for the following CPU families,

  • CompactLogix 5380

  • CompactLogix 5480

  • ControlLogix 5580



The Sigma ControlLogix/CompactLogix S7 GET & S7 PUT AOI functions are licensed for use in a single compatible ControlLogix or CompactLogix CPU and the license is not transferrable to another CPU. 

Once the Sigma ControlLogix/CompactLogix S7 GET & S7 PUT AOI communication AOI is downloaded into the actual production S7 CPU, the SID code (System Identification) on the Sigma ControlLogix/CompactLogix S7 GET & S7 PUT AOI's will be generated by the PLC. This code needs to be provided to Sigma along with your proof of purchase Tax Invoice where we will provide you with a License code to be entered in the Licensing Data Array for the Sigma ControlLogix/CompactLogix  S7 GET & S7 PUT AOI's executing in the actual production ControlLogix or CompactLogix CPU.

Please note you are purchasing a runtime only license of the Sigma ControlLogix/CompactLogix S7 GET & S7 PUT AOI's communication functions, which is linked permanently to the initially nominated ControlLogix or CompactLogix CPU, the license is not transferrable to another CPU.



The Sigma ControlLogix/CompactLogix S7 GET & S7 PUT AOI functions will operate for 24 hours when unlicensed. Further demonstration time is retriggered by stopping and starting the CPU.


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