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Sigma is an independent supplier of Process Control and Factory Automation solutions. We embrace technologies and systems with an open systems approach, which enables industrial systems to be engineered for the future.

This is typically characterised by the use of IEC 61131.3 programming environment, the use of distributed peripheral bus systems, device oriented control networks and the use of pre engineered library of device blocks - reusable software.


We ensure the Process Control System delivers the key objectives of your business.


Our long standing relationships with equipment suppliers ensure that we are continuously updated and exploring ways to deliver open, innovative and cost effective solutions across a broad spectrum of applications.

Sigma takes pride in the contribution it makes to its valued clients

  • Automation Software Development

  • System Validation

  • Commissioning

  • Products - EtherNet/IP Function Blocks for Siemens S7 PLCs

  • Products - Rockwell PLC  Add On Instructions to communicate with S7 PLCs

Sigma NSW
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