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CompactLogix/ControlLogix PLC Peer-to-Peer

EtherNet IP Gateway

Siemens S7-1200 PN EtherNet/IPTM Software

Download the EtherNet/IP Function Blocks to communicate with Rockwell ControlLogix PLC's. A demonstration mode is not supported for the S7-1200 PN Co-ordinator Function Block.

Develop your communication strategy and purchase your runtime licence when you are satisfied with the solution. 


This is a software solution which utilises the existing Ethernet capabilities of the PLC systems you wish to connect. No hardware gateway is required.

The Manual and instruction videos provide the guidance to easily connect a Siemens S7-1200 PLC with an integrated CPU PN Ethernet port to a ControlLogix PLC using EtherNet/IP.

Video & Manual


Use this button to access a SharePoint link to download the Library and Demonstration files

The Download SharePoint includes,

  • S7-1200 PN EtherNet/IPTM ​Function Block Library

  • S7-1200 PN EtherNet/IPTM ​Function Block Library Release Notes

  • S7-1200 PN EtherNet/IPTM ​DEMO Program

  • ControlLogix DEMO program

  • S7-1200 PN EtherNet/IPTM ​Function Block Driver Manual

Terms & Conditions

The Sigma S7 EtherNet/IPTM functions are licenced for use in a single compatible Siemens S7 CPU and the licence is not transferable to another CPU.


Personnel who develop PLC software programs for Siemens Simatic S7 PLC’s communicating with Rockwell ControlLogix automation PLC’s via EtherNet/IPTM must be suitably qualified and must only use the supplied software functions for their intended use and supervise the health of the EtherNet/IPTM communication link to ensure that human and machine safety are adhered to at all times. Qualified personnel must determine for themselves the suitability of this software for the intended use.

We have checked the contents of the software and documentation manual with regard to its accuracy with the described software. Deviations cannot be excluded. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its complete conformity.  The Software Manual contains the description of the software Functions valid at the time of publication. The technical data contained in the software manual is subject to change.

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