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Sigma offers a host of consulting services that support the preparation of a project and the smooth management throughout.

  • System Analysis

  • Conceptual Design

  • Scope of Work Preparation

  • Tender Documentation

  • Evaluation of Tender Submissions

  • Functional Description Development

  • Electrical Specification Development

  • Control System Process Improvement audit and evaluation


Our consulting services range from system analysis and conceptual design through to the preparation of scopes of work and tender documentation.



Sigma has a proven project management track record and is recognised for its ability to deliver high quality, timely and within budget projects. Our Software Engineering project management skills also include .

  • Implementation Strategy

  • Schedule Management

  • Project Reporting

  • Project Documentation

  • Change Control

  • Design Management

  • Quality Management

  • Sub Contractor Management

  • Site Supervision

  • Commissioning Management



At Sigma we believe the conceptual design is the most important aspect of a Process Control System as it is the foundation for the plant's future, including the ease of upgrading the systems when next required. A sound approach to system design facilitates a system that is flexible and scalable.

This ultimately leads to significant advantages as future modifications and expansions to the control system are not cost prohibitive due to the ease of implementation. Our systems integration approach is based on total supply and delivery with a single point of responsibility.

The services can include the following, depending upon your requirements and the scope of work:

  • Automation Software Development

  • SCADA Development

  • Software Validation

  • Factory Acceptance Testing

  • Commissioning Plans

  • Commissioning

  • Training

  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals

Standards specification development including PLC, SCADA, Electrical Design, Change Management and Functional Descriptions. The development of company standards help significantly with organisational change management.

Sigma has extensive experience with all major vendors Automation and SCADA systems. Our integration expertise with internationally recognised bus systems reduces installation costs, allows the collection of Big Data as well as increased data security.

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